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Über mich: My name is Josefina Coll, I am BA in Fashion Design from Montevideo, Uruguay and I have been working in different areas of the fashion industry for the last 9 years. Internships, retail assistance, freelance design, small personal brands, teaching... I've been fortunate to learn from all the different facets of the industry re-inventing myself along the way. I want to encourage men and women to recycle their clothes. I know you can do so much with creativity - let me bring innovation to your closet and your way of life. WHAT IS IT? The "Sewing and Design" workshop is a relaxed space where you learn how to design, cut and sew your own clothes, all through practice. The aim of the workshop is to have one creative break a week. A time dedicated just to you, to relax and have fun creating your own clothes. Everyone goes at their own pace, and we attend to you individually. We follow a syllabus so you can learn from the simplest to the most complex, but with flexibility according to your interests and needs. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? How to use the home sewing machine effectively, and cutting and sewing tools. Dressmaking techniques and terminology. Adequate Fabric and trimming uses for your designs. Step by step garment making according to your needs: design, pattern scaling and transforming, fabric cutting, and sewing. CLASSES - 4 people max, English or Spanish groups. - Once a week for 2 hours. - Check the timetable below to see the available group options, book weekly the time and day that - suits you best. - All levels of experience are welcome. - All year round, START ANYTIME. - Studio located by Görlitzer Park. You can contact me from home when you have doubts about your project PRICING OPTIONS - 1 month: €130 - 6 months: €110 per month - 1 class: €40 LANGUAGES - There are groups in English, and groups in Spanish. Alle unsere Anbieter sind von uns über die aktuellen COVID-19 Protokolle unterrichtet worden und halten während der Durchführung der gebuchten Dienstleistung alle notwendigen Maßnahmen ein!

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