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ABOUT ME Hey, I'm Nic, I am extremely detail-oriented, experienced in creative content creation and I always deliver on time. My main goal is to make my customer’s brands embrace their full visual potential! I really love my job and my work. Every project for me is a new opportunity to keep learning and exploring within this art. Responsible and fresh, I'm always open to listening to new ideas and generating creative content. When I'm creating the image I have planned, my main focus is always on the details, while keeping in mind the colors and sensations transmitted by the object to be photographed. · Food, Product and Portrait Photography (in-house studio and/or business location) · Food and Product Videos (in-house studio and/or business location) · Photography and Video for e-Commerce · Photography on a white RGB background and short detail videos to showcase the product · Video Recipe/Product Use Tutoria · Video Editing · Food and Product Styling · Art Direction and Production WHAT DO I OFFER: - Studio space, - Studio time, - Professional equipment - Some props and backgrounds - Pre-production planning - Set design, set takedown and clean up, - Post-production photo & video editing, - and high-quality final audiovisual content. Any other requirements (backgrounds, props or other specific items) are at the client's expense. Every project is done in my personal studio. I also come to the customer, if this is requested! WHAT DO I NEED FROM YOU: The ideal for working together is to know what style you would like your photos/videos to have, for that I need: - References of images or videos that you like. (it can be profiles of other brands, photos that you have seen on the internet or in magazines, etc.) - Photos of your products (they don't have to be professional, just good light and a cell phone is enough for me!) - An About Us of your business - The target you are addressing LANGUAGES: - Englisch - Spanisch - Deutsch (Intermediate) Alle unsere Anbieter sind von uns über die aktuellen COVID-19 Protokolle unterrichtet worden und halten während der Durchführung der gebuchten Dienstleistung alle notwendigen Maßnahmen ein!

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