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ABOUT ME I warmly welcome. My name is Aga (my full name is Agnieszka). I come from Poland, but have been living abroad for over 6 years. In Poland, I completed a master's degree in psychology. Already then I became interested in yoga, meditation and alternative health paths. Thanks to my friends I got to know what Ayurveda is and I fell in love with this medicine. I completed several massage courses, many training courses on diet, and finally entered postgraduate studies in Ayurveda, thanks to which I obtained a certificate of graduation. We live in times of high stress and pressure, so I want each of my patients to feel safe and fully cared for with me. I speak fluent Polish, of course, and English. I am in the middle of an intensive German language course, so please do not be afraid that the language barrier may interfere with our communication process. MY OFFER Abhyanga massage - a whole body massage with the use of warm, healing oils Shiro Abhyanga - a complete massage of the head, neck, and shoulders Mukha Abhyanga - deeply relaxing face and cleavage massage Japanese face massage - stimulating face massage Dietary consultation based on the Ayurvedic philosophy of changing eating and living habits. Physical activity for pregnant women - The cost includes a 60 or 90-minute meeting in which we will talk about the physical or mental state, we will perform a massage or other treatment. - Treatment takes place either at my place or at yours. Please tell me in the request if you want a treatment at your home LANGUAGES - English - Polish SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: Alle unsere Anbieter sind von uns über die aktuellen COVID-19 Protokolle unterrichtet worden und halten während der Durchführung der gebuchten Dienstleistung alle notwendigen Maßnahmen ein!

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